Within a period of 2 months the Laurentian F.C. team faced Society United for the second time. If the first match was a fluke, then the second was a classic in the making. A great display of football was witnessed amid a very small, but supportive crowd.

The match firstly was marred with the un-avoidable events which took place due to reasons not mentionable. Few, especially form Cantt area were reluctant to come for the match. The match would still go on as scheduled. It was ensured that the area adjoining the ground and its routes towards the ground were safe enough.

The match started late as the opposing team was delayed due to circumstances beyond them. The match started at a fast pace where the Society united had great ball possession and did give much opportunity to LFC. After 10 minutes of play an error by their defense gave Sherwin an opportunity which he did no miss and put a lovely goal. This made the game wide open, and once again Society united had a period of attacks which the defense (Brendon d, Nathan J, Nelson and Jonathan (Builter) and goal keeper (Jared) managed to keep the ball from crossing the goal line. Once again great play by Moses, Kellan, Ryan and Calvin pressured their defense and forced a corner. The positioning of Moses was very tactical (instructed at training session) and on receiving the ball, controlled well and shot it past the goal keeper, doubling the tally to 2. Few minutes before the half time after many attempts, Society united were able to get a goal.

In the second half on change was made were Khayam was replaced by Bruce, to boast the midfield and defense. The wave of attacks continued from the society united players who seemed pretty charged up. They missed many chances and at least 4 were on the cross bar. Another tactical change was brought in by removing Nelson, bringing Jared in defense and putting Mario in the Goal. Mario showed brilliance in the goal by making some wonderful saves. Some easy chances were squandered by the LFC players due to some selfish play. There were many changes giving an opportunity to Selwyn, Jude, Warren, Wesley and Shane. Then came an opportunity for Calvin who broke through the defense and got the ball past for the 3rd goal. The match ended with a great win for LFC, which was well supported by the small tiny crowd. Sheldon and Kuldeep were not able to get a chance, but will surely get their opportunity in the coming games.

A big thanks to the small, tiny crowed, Friar Clifford, Floyd, Cassandra & kids, Clinton, Evriest, Karina Juma, Sasha Anthony, Nikkita Das, Brian Jones, Keith Jones (hope not missed anyone). Also appreciate the encouragement and words of wisdom given by the SIR AHMED JAN to the boys on their performance. He also extended full support to the team if they kept up this level of football.

So all is well that ends well.