On Saturday 16th March, 2013, the Laurentian F.C. faced a team of talented youngsters of the Sindh board team at the KGA grounds. The match started positively with the LFC team attacking and getting opportunities which were converted into goals. As the game carried on the Sindh board players begin to get in to the groove with some quick and pin point passing. That caused an in experienced defense (Warren, Brandon, Jude,) except for Jared a lot trouble. Had to make a quick substitution by bringing in a bit experience in the form of Brendon Dias and replacing Jude. The mid-field consisted of Moses, Kellan and Calvin, the wingers, Ryan and Ethan who worked hard to create chances for the lone striker, Sherwin. The chances were created but to a waste.

Within 25 minutes of play the nervous goalie of LFC was beaten by a beautiful top right hand corners shot which many keepers would not be able to stop. After the goal the Sindh board team pressed hard for trying to increase their tally to a maximum possible. Two more changes were made in quick succession for LFC, letting Khayam and Shane Francis, in lieu of Kellan and Moses. Again pressed hard and Sherwin found the back of the net but the goal was ruled offside. Once again the wave of attacks increased and in the dying moments of the gaming pressing hard a chance was created by the winger of the Sindh board team and unfortunately a self-goal doubled their tally.

It was a disappointing end to the game but surely for many a lesson learned. The tally so far for the year is 8 games, 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws. Pretty even so far. The guys have to raise their level to get better results, it’s not that they playing bad, but just to work a bit harder to win games. So better luck next time.