Laurentian FC Junior battle against Karachi United ended in a draw

The LFC junior team was really excited for the match this morning (24th Jan 2009) all were on time and ready to face the junior team of Karachi United (KU).

The match was match started off with the KU kids on the attack and mostly dominated the first half.

In the second half the LFC boys got used to the conditions and they had a phase of around 15 mins where there were a number of attacks they came at thrice to scoring a goal which was missed twice by Ryan Anthick and once by Calvin Albuquerque. The match ended in a nil-nil draw.

The defense was well controlled by Andrew and Nathan, they were good moves by Kendrick, Moses, Ryan, Calvin, Kellan and goal was safe by some good keeping by Bruce, but the outstanding player among them was CALVIN with his great move created a number of scoring chances. The other kids Wesley, Joshua, Cliford, Aaron, warren, peter made their best efforts in contributing in the game.