Laurentian FC match against IoBm

On the 19th of February 2009 at 21:30 (9:30 p.m) at the KMC stadium the LFC played against a very professional IOBM (CBM) university team.

The match started with a quick pace from them and within 15 minutes LFC were 1 goal down. This was due to defensive and goal keeping error. The goal should have not come through. Any way there was a great period created by LFC’s mid field players Errol, Khayam, Sylvester and Brian which resulted in the same great chances to Noel and Ronnie. Sylvester missed a sitter and Khayam had 3 shots on goal, where one hit the side netting, the other the top post and the third just sailed over.

In the wave of these attacks came a counter attack where they scored the 2nd goal due to the error LFC’s goal keeper.

The 2nd half was dominated by them, and came a number of attacks but LFC’s defense stood firm in Brendon Dias, Daniel, Davin lobo, Evarist and Jonathan in the second half. Though at time Evarist and Jonathan looked of color and to top it Denzil Lobo tried to play his game but seemed to have lost his focus in the game...on the whole a good experience of 90 minutes, but LFC has to work harder.