LauLaurentian FC match against Yellow United
Sunday 15th March, 2009

LFC played a match on 15th March, 2009 at The Agha khan gymkhana at 10:30 am against Yellow United. The team was a mixture of the senior and junior team.... though the result was in LFC’s favor i.e. 8-0, but the coach was not happy at all.

The first half saw only 3 goals coming in from Sylvester, Denzil lobo and Kendrick Ambrose. LFC should have been at least 7 in the first half... the 2nd half changes made a difference as Noel, Bruce and Daniel Levi....pushed forward hard and they managed to put in another 5, by Bruce, Noel, 2 by Daniel and last by Calvin. The whole team performed on an average, but Alan did a good job through out the game, Jonathan did manage the defense to a good extent but has to groom a lot. The next games will probably be on Thursday and a confirmed game on Saturday... it has also been decided that on Mondays and Wednesdays, there will be workouts in the church compounds at 8 p.m. All LFC players; make it a point to come.