Laurentian FC wins Futsal 2012

It all began when the Futsal tournament was announced in the 1st week of August 2012; the boys at Laurentian Football Club (LFC) were really excited as they had just concluded a mini Futsal tournament of their own. The tournament was to commence on the 15th of August and conclude within 10-12 days. The coach, Khayam Juma, was to prepare the teams, wherein he entered 3 teams, LFC “A” The would-be crowned champions, LFC “B” a team which has a lot of potential but under rated and the LFC “C” which consisted of teenagers whose average age would be around 17 years. There were 16 teams in all which were divided in 4 groups of 4 teams each; this would mean 2 teams from each group would qualify for the quarter finals.

The tournament was organized by the group of energetic youngsters from St. Anthony’s parish, who consisted of Brandon Pennefather, Sherwin Lucas, Shane Anthony and John Alvares. A well organized tournament, which showcased a great number of youth, whose talent needed to be tapped and utilized in the right direction. Well done and keep up the good work.

LFC “A” and LFC “B” were pitted in the same group, got the 1st and 2nd position, where as the surprise came from LFC “C” who won their group very comfortably, playing 3 matches and winning them all very comfortably, 4-1, 6-0, 4-0.

The coach was pretty sure one of the teams would come home with the cup, and stated “Fear has crept in the other teams and only an LFC would be able to defeat the LFC. It just happened so that the LFC “B” had to face LFC “C” in the quarter finals and it was the LFC “C” who came out victorious. The other quarter final was LFC “A” against the All Stars. The All Stars were already defeated by LFC “C” in the group match 4-0, so that gave an edge to LFC “A” to easily beat them. But here tables were turned and a major upset in the tournament was seen due to some defensive errors.

It all rested with the LFC “C” team and they had to play the “LOSERS” in the semi-final, it was a close match but LFC”C” dominated the match and was victorious with a solitary goal. The finals was to be played against All Stars, the team whom LFC “C” beat in the group match 4-0 and the team which knocked out LFC “A”.

It was revenge time for both teams as the All Stars had to regain the pride by winning and LFC “C” had to avenge the defeat of LFC “A” and prove the previous victory was not a fluke. The final to be played on the 24th of August was anxiously awaited by many, especially the FANS of LFC, children, youth & adults, who flocked the venue in large numbers. It was simply amazing to see the LFC supporters sporting the colors of the parish (St. Lawrence Church– Garden East).

The evening began with an exhibition match between the Married men and Bachelors; it was an evenly fought match where the experienced Married men came victorious with a solitary goal. The next was the girls’ game which ended in a goalless draw. Most of the girls were from St. Lawrence’s Parish, but this game also encouraged other girls to join. A 3rd position match was played against the “LOSERS” and “STALKERS”, this ended in a goalless draw and was won by the STALKERS 1-0 on penalty kicks.

Eventually the moment came where all were awaiting, THE FINALS. LFC “C” led by their captain Kendrick Ambrose, Ryan Anthick, Nathan Juma, Moses Indrias, Selwyn D’costa, Warren Rodrigues and the Goal Keeper Sylvester Indrias and the All Stars was led by Jason Pinto, ably supported by Solomon D’souza, Ronnie Fernandes, Malcolm Dias, Dempsey Knowles, Christopher D’souza and Simeon D’souza. It was an evenly fought game as no team had the upper hand except that LFC “C” created some chances on goal. The 1st half ended in a goalless draw creating tension among both the teams and giving the supporters nervous moments.

The second half started with Kendrick, Moses and Ryan making some good attacking moves but all in vain. In the additional 10 minutes, the supporters went roaring as a penalty kick was awarded to the Laurentians. This was a golden opportunity; the responsibility was taken by Ryan Anthick, who with great skill converted the spot kick into a goal. That brought the Laurentian crowd on their feet along the deafening chanting for their parish team. Though Solomon of the All Stars, made many gallant efforts but was halted by the Rock in defense, Nathan Juma who did everything he could to neutralize him. Selwyn (the supper sub) and Warren played their part according to the script. The last 6-8 to minutes of the match seemed to crawl at a snail’s pace and every second was fought hard by the All Stars players. Then came the moment when the Laurentian supporters once again leapt with joy as the final whistle was heard. VICTORY TO THE LAURENTIANS... wasn’t a fluke after all...

The prize distribution became a LAURENTIAN AFFAIR, as not only the Winner’s trophy had come to them, but individual prizes were also awarded to the following, Golden Boot, Calvin Albuqerque, Best Goal keeper Sylvester Indrias and player of the tournament Kendrick Ambrose. The team scored 17 goals and only conceded one (1). The support showed for the LFC “C” team was heartwarming and created a sense of unity. It certainly was a morale boosting victory for these kids, Laurentian F.C. and St. Lawrence’s Parish.

This victory would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of the St. Lawrence’s Parish Priest, Fr. Norbert Mendonca. A big Thank You also goes out to Viviana Rodrigues and all the Supporters from St. Lawrence’s Parish.