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BROOKLYN, N.Y., Jan. 09, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dietpillsin2016.com is a website that aims to provide its readers with all possible diet related options.

It guides them in making an informed decision while considering an option.

The website however, has not limited itself to providing information related to diet pills. It also helps the readers in following certain diet patterns and carrying out regular exercises, so that they can lead a fit and healthy life ahead.this diet pills

In this world today, things are completely different from what they were 10 or 15 years ago. Perceptions and consumer’s mentality has observed a drastic change and with numerous brands imposing their agenda and ideology of beauty on a consumer, obesity and being overweight has surfaced as a big concern for the general masses.

Everyone wants to look lean and fit, but in this hectic life, not everyone has the time to achieve these goals on the long term basis. Losing weight can be difficult, especially if the consumer follows an unhealthy lifestyle.

Therefore, to simplify the problems, dietpillsin2016.com has presented a list of best diet pills in 2016 which will help the consumers in deciding the right weight loss pill for themselves.

Consumers are usually bombarded with a variety of products, which makes it difficult for them to choose the most feasible goods for themselves.

Dietpillsin2016.com has made it easier for the consumers by making a list of the best diet pills in 2016.

1) PhenQ:

Phenq diet pills

The diet pill PhenQ was rated number 1 in the list and was given a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. The review explains its choice by claiming that almost all the testimonials and reviews received have rated the pills as the best to tackle weight issues.

According to the website, this is mainly due to two reasons, one being the “secret ingredient” involved in the forming of the product and the other being PhenQ’s ability to tackle the problem in every way possible.

Elaborating on these points the review reveals A-Lacys reset as the secret ingredient in the product which is not available in any other weight loss supplement.

The secret ingredient increases the metabolic rate of our body and enhances the capacity of heat production in the body called thermogenesis. These two factors eventually enable the user in reducing his/her weight successfully.

PhenQ is claimed to be different from other products due to its ability to tackle fat in more than one way. Not only it prevents fat production, but also ensures that the fat burning is enhanced.

The natural composition and the non existence of any claimed side effect also earn the product, the respect in the eyes of the reviewer. The review further explains the functions of the dietary pill and also the usage and terms and conditions that the consumer must look into before consuming the product.

According to the review, the secret ingredient α- Lacys reset is made up of two ingredients namely Alpha Lipoic Acid and Cysteine. Alpha lipoic acid has the job of aiding the increase in aerobic metabolism and curbing the development of free radicals whereas cysteine is responsible for stimulating GSH synthesis which plays an integral role in neutralizing free radicals.

A-lacys reset combines with other natural ingredients such as caffeine, calcium carbonate and capismax powder to make PhenQ a powerful weight loss agent.

Caffeine is usually found in almost all weight loss supplements as it keeps the body energized and reduces appetite along with catering to fat loss. Calcium as we all know can lead to strengthening our bones.

The review adds that one function the element carries out in the body is utilizing stored fats for energy production so that the body can go on working actively without much cravings for food.

The review further reveals that capismax powder uses the perfect blend of capsicum and vitamin to blast off unnecessary fat. It is added that the mentioned ingredients along with few other compositions play an integral part in recharging our mood to prevent stress. With this, the chances of weight loss increases by a good percentage.

2) Phen375:

Phen375 Diet Pills

The other supplement that is rated as the best diet pill in 2016 is Phen375. The reviewer makes sure that marketing details and history of the product is known to the readers along with the legality of the supplement.

Unlike many other recent diet supplements Phen375 has been available since 2009 and has proved itself as an effective weight loss pill to the fitness scene.

The supplement functions in a manner which is somewhat similar to PhenQ, not only does it suppress the consumer’s appetite, but it is also responsible for burning needless fat in the body.

Additionally, similar to PhenQ, the product speeds up the rate of metabolism to ensure quicker production of energy through an effective calorie burn inside the body.

The review further goes on to mention the ingredients as well as the side effects of using the product. For efficient results it is imperative that the consumer uses the pill twice a day before breakfast and lunch. The consumer however should make sure that the pill is consumed 20 minutes before consuming a meal.

During the review the writer has paid special emphasis on the ingredients of the product; the product according to the writer has a host of special ingredients, few of which include trimethylxanthine, L Carnitine and Eurycoma Longifolia.

Trimethylxanthine is responsible for creating energy through stored fat so when fat is reduced, the body has enough energy to carry out regular day to day activities. The ingredient itself is a perfect cure for lethargy.

L Carnitine is an ingredient which directs fat cells to bloodstream so that the body can convert fat cells into the sought after energy. Eurycoma Longifolia is a natural ingredient which comes straight from Indonesia. It helps in burning good volume of fat and prevents the loss of muscle tissues.

The element makes sure that it targets the bad cells only so that the consumer might not have to compromise on his strength quotient. The general purpose of all ingredients is to make the consumer feel re-vitalized and full of energy so that the consumer can workout and train with much more freedom.

The review also reiterates and prioritizes the fact that the consumers are aware of the physical limitations, during which both the products become ineffective and in most cases harmful as well.

According to the review, women expecting a new born soon and those who are involved in the task of breast feeding must not consume the pills.

For Phen375, it is warned that the consumption of the supplement might lead to lose stool at times and can also be the cause of mild dizziness during the initial stages of consumption. Many users complain about sleep deficiencies as well as an increase in the BP after the regular consumption of Phen375.

In the case of PhenQ, the review warns that children under the age of 18 should stay away from the good and excessive usage of the diet pills should also be avoided.

The review also states that users suffering from any medical condition should consult their doctor before consuming the pill.

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